When in Prague..Drink Beer!

all photos by RobinKuijs photography

I am not a beer drinker. Since university, I have decided that beer is not my kind of drink. It knocks me out. Two cans and I am drunk. I like my alcohol clean, pure and smooth. For several years, I only drank vodka but lately I’ve discovered whiskey. But you can never catch me drinking beer.

But when in Prague it will be an insult to this lovely city to drink other alcohol. Their beers are the best. Pilsner Urquell has every right to declare themselves the best  in the world. But my favorite is the Kozel Cerny (Kozel Dark), mainly because it is sweet, very aromatic and doesn’t leave me puking all the place. Brewed with caramel and with a hint of chocolate.

So in Prague, I drank Kozel, day in and day out. From 10am in the morning, like a normal Czech. And they more during lunchtime.

I tell you, it beats the Cherry Beer and Rose Beer of Belgium.
I average 1.5 liters a day (I stayed there for three days), sometimes 2.5 when going out at night with friends.

I will go back to Prague just to drink beer. That’s a promise to myself. And despite the 2 kilos I’ve put on and a bloated stomach in just three days.

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