Who Stole My Sunshine?

I should be doing my homework right now because I still have three oefening (exercises) to do and the Niveau 2 is not as easy as the first course. Instead I am blogging about the undeniable Dutch weather which seemed to be encouraging my laziness these days.
After a fairly good weather last Friday and the great sunshine on Saturday which permitted MK and I to have a good time in Rotterdam, the Dutch weather is back, wet, gloomy and cold. As far as I can remember, it was like this for almost a week and a half already, preventing anyone to enjoy the outdoors and bringing back the thick jackets and the layered clothes.
I was suppose to go to an engagement this morning but discarded the idea because I work late last night to finish three scripts in one sitting and have to stay at home today to do my homework. Although I can devote a little time to this engagement (which I will talk about here one day) I decided not too, partly because the weather is so bad. It was already raining last night, with lightning and thunderstorm and I bet this weather will continue until the end of the week (hope not). Sometimes the clouds permits the sun to peek in the afternoon but still the weather is damp, making you loose the mood to stay outside.
Slowly, I am getting use to the weather. I have learned to anticipate whatever changes that might happen within the day. I always bring a jacket whenever I go out so if it rains, I won’t be like a wet chicken biking in the rain. I do complain about “het kut weer” from time to time, like any a typical Dutch but I have learned to accept that if I want to live here, I might as well let the weather grow in me.
¬†During a conversation few months ago, this Dutch guy said “het weer doet wat ie wil”, the weather does what it wants. That was the first Dutch idiom I’ve learned and how appropriate it is about a country whose life depends on its weather.
Oh the sky is letting up and I am going back to my assignments. I hope everyone a good day!