Why I hate marathon training

Yes you heard that right. I hate marathon training.

I hate the demands of running 4x a week even (and especially) when you’re not in the mood. I hate the long distance runs after more than 21 kilometers. I especially hate interval trainings. Oh god how they kill me.

It gets tiring to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to stack up on mileage particularly when it’s freaking -4 degrees outside with freezing rain. Or running against a wind of 50km/hr (believe it can last for days in Holland). I don’t weigh more than 55 kilos. The wind can literally blow me away.

I hate the sound of my GPS watch when running. Or the information that it gives me. I feel like being forced to speed up and when I am tired, I loath my watch. I hate waiting for it to find a signal before I can speed of. I hate the feel of my socks soaked up in the rain or my clothes clinging heavy on my body during downpours. I hate seeing my running clothes hanging in my bathroom all the time. And that I have to wash them twice a week or I’ll ran out. I also hate that they are so damn expensive.

And did I tell you that I cannot drink wine when I am training? I hate that very much too.

Marathon training is hard work, really, really hard work. And I hate it.

But I love running. That’s the only thing I care about in a marathon training. I can count 13 reasons why and there’s probably a hundred more than that. Way more than the reasons why I hate marathon training.

I love running and I like pushing myself to the edge despite how much I hate the training.

I am on week #3 of my marathon training. Technically it’s week #6 but I stopped for a month due to a holiday and flu. I don’t know if the first three weeks still counts but I decided to begin again. So now I only have 15 weeks to train. I’m not sure it is enough. At the rate I am going (3x/week) I am not even sure I can finish.

Unlike in the Rotterdam Marathon, I’m not looking to score a personal record. Whether I finish in 4’45 or 6 hours, it won’t really matter. I just really want to do a marathon again because I promised myself I’d run one every year.

I am doing the Torshavn Marathon in the Faroe Islands this June. So I guess I have to make peace, once again, with my marathon training. That’s how much I love running.

P.S. This is not a rant post. Just a blog post I thought when I was doing my long distance run last weekend. See, running fills my head with blog content too.