Why I run

It’s been a year since I started with serious running.

Nowadays people who knows me don’t ask me anymore my wine of the moment or the latest city I’ve been to. Instead, they’d ask me when my next marathon is. But more often, they’d ask why I keep on running.

Why do I subject my knees and shin splints to so much stress? Why do I keep on training even without a race? Why do I run?

I run because:
– I love solitude. Even though I run side by side with Robin, I can be alone with my thoughts. There’s no need to explain what I am thinking.
– I can clear my head and forget about all my concerns at least for a few hours.
– I can relax. It takes my stress away. And running gives me great sleep.
– I overcome myself. Every run is a struggle to stay in the couch or to put your running shoes on. Especially in the winter. It feels like a victory every time I manage.
– I love challenging myself. And winning against myself. There is no better opponent to conquer.
– I become stronger. My heart becomes stronger, literally and figuratively. I know that my body is capable of overcoming pain especially if its 42.2 kilometers long.
– I learned discipline. You need that to run a marathon. You need that in life. Period.
– I love seeing my body shaping up to a nice, lean form.
– I love eating. Eating rice meals three times a day and cakes and chocolates once in a while. Of course I love drinking wine. Running keeps my weight in check.
– I can enjoy Holland by foot and not inside a car.
– Running makes me travel in a completely new way.
– Robin and I became closer with running. There is no better way to bond with each other than suffering together to reach the finish line of a marathon and the many months of training before that. It is our most precious way of bonding even though most of the time, we don’t talk.
– Running makes me a better person, in more ways than one.

And you, why do you run?