A beach story

Ten years ago…

There was me and this guy, sitting on a beach, on a famous island. I’ve known him for two weeks.

There was a bottle of the local vodka. The sunset was romantic. A boat drifts away to the bay carrying two lovers.

I said to him: “I think I’m falling in-love with you.”


After a while, he answered. “I thought you never want to be in a serious relationship.”

“Yes, I don’t.”


The sun said goodbye, we finished the vodka. I got dead drunk. He dragged me to the tricycle so we could get back to the pension house. I spent the evening spitting on the wall.

The next day we went swimming with the sharks, me with my massive hang-over. There was silence on the boat. I couldn’t stand silence.

So I said, “about last night.”

He answered. “We can try.”

His first “I love you” came many months after. The declaration of real love when we parted for a while.

I married the guy last year.