Experiencing Cherleroi

Im currently waiting for my plane to Madrid which is about to leave in two hours provided that there will be no delays.

Ive already checked in, passed the douane and unfortunately just lost the EUR14,0 transparent spray Garnier sunscreen to border security because of course it exceeded the 100ml allowed liquid volume. I feel so bad about it, it’s still a few hours of work which went to the waste basket, how unfortunate!

I also already spent EUR20,0 for the bus from Brussel Zuid to the airport and the lunch of coffee and pain chocolade I had at Paul’s. Oh and if I may add, if want to really save up here, don’t go to the Irish pub in the airport. I bought a bottle of water which cost me EUR3,30. And I thought that bottled water in the Netherlands is ridicously priced already, I didn’t know that it can still be worse.

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