Spring and Happiness

Today March 18th, I wrote on my journal:

Happiness is

Sitting in the grounds of WTC again
without freezing my ass off.

Sipping my White Night from Mockamore
made more delicious with Chivas Regal.

Lighting a cigarette
without having to put on my gloves.


Watching girls in skirt
With their shapely legs on sky high stilettos.

Watching people.

The ladies becoming fashionable again
Dressing in more colors than black and grey

Mothers pushing strollers
With their children’s angelic faces
Finally visible from their winter bundle

Gorgeous middle-age men
Going out for group lunches

Boys and girls falling in love
Walking hand in hand

I am feeling giddy

With the sun warming my face
And the wind blowing my hair

With the random smiles
And cheerful eyes

Kisses are flying around
The city is alive again

Happiness is
Reading Nietzsche in the sun.

Hartelijk welkom Lent!