View from the bridge

Almost everyday I bike to the office. That is a total of 1 hour cycling from the house to the office and 10 more minutes during Mondays and Tuesday when I got to school. Biking in the Netherlands is a breeze, can be a relaxing exercise except for three things 1) when it is raining 2) when the wind is blowing so hard *and in Rotterdam and Schiedam, they can blow me a way literally and 3) when you have to go over a bridge.

The first two situations comes often these days, because autumn in the Netherlands is marked by rain and wind. But crossing a high bridge, I encounter it everyday and it is no easy feat for a girl weighing 44 kilos riding a bike of 20kilos, especially when she has not discovered that bikes have gears.

I struggle every time I cross that bridge and there so many instances when I wanted to abandon the bike while going uphill. It is only today that I did that because the side wind was just too hard. There is one thing though that makes the difficult uphill climb worth it, especially now that the sun rises late and sets early. It is the view from the bridge.

I haven’t taken a picture of the sunset because I am usually in a hurry to get to school in the afternoon. But I tell, from up that bridge, it is divine!

Funny how I related my every day to the bridge and the sunrise and the sunrise. My life in the Netherlands has been an uphill climb and unfortunately, I am not even halfway yet. It is a difficult ride but everyday I am struggling to be better. It is not that easy. The sunset and the sunrise are the beginning and end of everyday journey and even with the rain and the wind, I am determined to make it  home. At the end of it all, there is this:

The view I got, on a rainy morning after applying for a UK visa.